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TaddeusVery limited, if any, side effects. This works effectively over several days and is best when taken with lots of water. Compared to other products in terms of cost, side effects, and effectiveness, this product ranks very highly. You will be satisfied with your purchase.
Hi I'm francis and i like trying things that could give me an extra boost. This pill is amazing. No sise effects. This my second day and i can tell the pill still working. I don't have any particular issues since i traing. Sadly we can train that part down there.
To start off I’m actually 24. These last 3 months or so I have been watching alot of ph. When I get around the ladies it normally take awhile to get erect. Now I’m hard as a rock! It works and works well. There is a slight headache but who cares lol.
My husband is back in action! It’s been a long time coming for us and trying to find something that works, but naturally and this is it! He took one around noon, went to bed around 9 and it was on from there until we got tired! Lol... Just buy it!
I like that it works and I've been having random solid boners throughout the day. I believe it is effective but my wife hasn't put out since I took it three days ago so idk what it does for performance. I can say that it will get that soldier attention though.